Domino Leather Masks
Our domino leather masks are simple, yet elegant, and have no carvings or designs. All of our domino masks come in a variety of colors, but the most frequent colors are black, red, blue, green, purple, and various marbled metallic finishes. The Caper, Flutter and Stinger dominos work well under most hats. The Banditos are great for various cosplay ideas, and the Solitaires are better for fuller coverage of the upper face.
Choose any photo to see a larger version. The leather mask pictured is generally not the actual mask available, but is representative of the pattern. Please check the Dominos section of the In Stock page to see which leather masks we currently have in stock.
You may be the hero, you may be the villain, but you are a part of the caper somehow! Tiger designed the Caper domino mask with the most basic, comic style domino masks in mind. The Caper's rounded edge is comfortable and flattering.
Caper Black - $45
Caper Blue - $50
Caper Green - $50
Caper Copper - $55
Caper Red - $50
Caper Silver - $55
Named for a bat like appearance, the Flutter domino masks are a little daring, and do make angular faces look quite dashing. The Flutters have both a classic and modern appeal, and work well for a variety of character ideas.
Flutter Black - $45
Flutter Green - $50
Flutter Red - $50
Flutter Copper - $55
Flutter Silver - $55
Flutter Gold - $55
The Stinger domino masks are a bit catlike, and bit like the curves of a hornet as well. Their upturned corners give the Stinger dominos a different profile, while their rounded cheeks mean they are appealing on rounded faces.
Stinger Black - $45
Stinger Blue - $50
Stinger Red - $50
Stinger Copper - $55
Stinger Purple - $50
Stinger Gold - $55
Banditos & Solitaires 
The Bandito is a domino mask with a medium forehead height, and does well for pirate or bandit costuming. We usually have black Bandito masks in stock, and other colors can be made as a special request order.

The Solitaire is a classic rounded domino with full forehead coverage. This is an older pattern, and while we do have some in stock, any new Solitaires would be a special request order.
Bandito Black - $50
Solitaire Gold - $50
More information about the leather masks and crowns can be found on our Info & Ordering page. Place an order by sending an e-mail to with the name(s) of the item(s) you are interested in purchasing. We have Mask Hangers in brass and silver for $2 each.
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